E400 BASIC (mixed)


Fattening feeder, ideal for large groups and with mixed feeding. Pigs eat dry feed but they have water troughs at each side. Optimizes intake time and conversion.

BASIC model

Our BASIC feeders are configurable depending on every customer’s needs: with flat cover, XL cover (170lts.), longer pipes (125cms.), double nipples, outside controller or fastening feet. Inside controller and non crossing system are already standard on these models.


  • Ideal: 10-110kg
  • Type of feeding: Mixed
  • Animals: 30-40 pigs
  • Water: 2 stainless Steel nipples with pipe ½” 2mm
  • Capacity: 100lts / 65kg feed
  • Capacity XL: 150lts / 100kg feed
  • Feed: meal/pellets
  • Structure: 2mm and 4mm platen Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • Trough: Stainless Steel AISI 304 70 cms.
  • Remarkable: Excellent conversion and easy handling. Very good relation functionality/quality/price. Top Sales.


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Datasheet E-400

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