EVOFEED (version V)


Evofeed is a feeding system designed to feed sows housed in groups, to adapt farms to the European Welfare Law. With a simple functioning, eases any user to obtain a perfect body condition, tranquility in the group and a controlled feed consumption of the sows, without electronic tags or computer.


  • Number of sows: 7 to 12 per feeder
  • Sizes: 49x45x130 cms.
  • Net weight: 40 kgs.
  • Capacity: 30 kgs. aprox.
  • Water: No avaliable (drinking bowl needed)
  • Electricity: 220/230V
  • Control panel: 1 per feeder
  • Photocell: 1 rang 2500
  • Colour: Red

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errabarHow does it work?
Based on sows natural foraging instinct (which in their natural state they use the whole day to obtain their daily feed), Evofeed feeder works 24 hours per day, avoiding schedules of feeding, and allows sows to feed at night without being disturbed, and thus creates an entirely stress-free atmosphere, since there is no rivalry and no schedules stablished.To avoid gluttony the system supplies very small portions of feed in intervals of time. This causes that sows have to eat slowly, and even the greediest ones become satisfied and move away being tired of waiting for more, and this leaves the hopper free for the other sows in the group. With this system we obtain a rotary feeding during 24h, and this makes that every sows stays at the feeder several times. It is not a problem that an insatiable sow remains 5 to 10 minutes at the feeder, because in that time she will get very few quantity of feed.How to ration?
Using an easy-to-operate system, the number of sows in the group is entered into the control panel, along with the average of kilos of feed per sow and per day we wish to supply. Then, Evofeed automatically calculates the optimum time between doses to obtain the desired average, taking into account the non-use time. If we want to increase the group average, the waiting-time will be shorter; if we want to limit feeding, the waiting-time will be longer.How many sows?
Each Evofeed feeder can supply maximum of 12 sows, with minimum unevenness by size and body condition. Fitting more than 12 sows per pen, it would shorten too much the waiting-time between portions, and that would make the greediest sows eat much more than they need.
On the other hand, fitting less than 7 sows is not recommended either, because the waiting-time between portions would be too long, and thus the sows could become too nervous.How to handle?
As the identification is individual, the only requirement when handling is to arrange the sows by size and number of births. If there was a sow which could become uneven, it should be taken aside to correct it.
It is very important to calibrate doses’ weight quite often, in order to guarantee the desired feed consumption. The Evofeed feeders cannot remain empty at any time, because the non-dominant sows eat while at night.Where to place it?
Evofeed is the system which needs less space, because it only takes away 0.20 m2 of each feeder. The best place to position the Evofeed is at the pen’s corner, where the saw has to eat parallel to a wall or a fence.
It is also important that, the Evofeed is situated in a place where the temperature is the same as the one in the laying area.How is it designed?
Extremely robust, designed with the sows in mind, the components are made of stainless Steel AISI304 and polyethylene HD. Each Evofeed has a control panel, a presence-detecting photocell and a sealed motor with a calibrated drive system. The motor is adjustable, so that you can adjust exactly the weight of the feed portions, whether it is meal or pellets.Results.With nearly 45.000 sows placed in groups and more than 10 years’ experience, Evofeed has reached the recognition of many farmers and pig breeders as one of the best options among different systems for feeding sows placed in groups, thanks to its results, ease of use and price.
New building project farms and Animal Welfare adjustments are not yet a problem for the Evofeed feeder.The Evofeed system is patented by ERRA.



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