Standard polyester silos


Polyester silos for all kind of feed, made of fibre glass and high quality resin.


  • Transparent lower Hopper, smooth inside to ease feed’s descent.
  • UV protection to extend its life.
  • Union between upper and lower part of the hopper designed to avoid water filtration inside the silo.
  • Hot galvanized reinforced feet.
  • Ladder with protection according to CE law.

Available types in stock:

3500kg 6m3 / 6000kg 10m3 / 9000kg 15m3 i 12000kg 20m3.

Available types on order:

2500kg 4m3 / 5000kg 8.3m3 / 7000kg 12m3 / 11000kg 18m3 / 14000kg 23m3 / 15000 25m3 / 16000 26m3 i 18500kg 31m3.



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