Drinking bowls in stainless Steel AISI 304 for farrowing, weaning, fattening and sows.


  • Farrowing: size 83x180mm sheet in 2mm (15 piglets) *
  • Weaning: size 114x188mm sheet in 2mm (15 piglets) *
  • Fattening: size 158x240mm sheet in 2mm (15 pigs) *
    Fattening with pipe 1200mm: size 155x255mm. sheet de 2mm (15 pigs)
  • Sows: size 170x198mm sheet in 1.5mm + stainless Steel 8mm (15 sows) *
    Sows large groups: Ø400mm sheet 5mm + stainless steel Ø8, 125 cms stainless steel pipe  ½“, height adjustable. Avoiding water wastage. (20-25 sows).

* 13 cms pipe ½” incorporated welded in the drinking trough; it eases nipple changin. Stainless Steel nipple incorporated in all models.


Drinking bowls

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